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Our Team



Kirk Reuter Owner / Winemaker 

Captain on deck. Kirk has been making wine for 20 years. After semi-retiring from his construction business, he finally has time to follow his dream of selling his hand-crafted wine to the public. 

Nathan Reuter
Owner/ Public Relations Director 

The oldest of the three sons, Nathan handles the business side of things. Although running a construction business and handling all that legal stuff keeps him running, you can still catch him out in the field, helping in the winery, and pouring wine in the tasting room

Matthew Reuter
Winemaker and Vineyard Manager

 Most of the year, you can look out our tasting room windows and see Matthew putting along on his tractor. He loves farming and does most of our vineyard work. He also handles most of the winery operations and is crafting his own winemaking expertise. 

Jon Reuter
Excavator Extraordinaire 

The youngest of the three, Jonathan is responsible for all the earthwork and any big jobs we need done. Even though he is busy with his own job as a heavy equipment operator, Jonathan faithfully helps with winery operations, harvest, and sometimes we can even talk him into popping in the tasting room, which is always a treat.


Victoria Eagle
a.k.a. Boss Lady

tasting room and wine club manager/ assistant winemaker

When not busy in the vineyard or helping Matthew in the winery, Victoria can be found in the tasting room or working on fun ideas for the next wine club event. Bossing all these men around is a full time job, but she manages...get it?

Head of Ranch Security

Cellar Master