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Our Story

Ard Aven Winery is a small family run winery and vineyard located in the Sierra Nevada foothills in the town of Plymouth. The winery and tasting room are the realized dream of owner and winemaker, Kirk Reuter. With the help of his three sons, Nathan, Matthew, and Jonathan, Kirk has been able to plant, grow, and produce great old world style wines. 
In the 1980’s, Kirk and Meggie bought 20 acres from his parents. Here they built their home and raised their three boys. In the late 90’s Kirk began to plant grapes. In the 2000’s he began to experiment with making wine as a hobby. In 2010 Ard Aven wines became available for distribution. Seven years later the construction of the tasting room began, and in 2020 we were able to open the doors to the public.
As a company our focus is on bringing you into our family. We hope that after your first visit you feel as connected to our wines and our vineyards as we do.
We want everyone to be able to enjoy the special terroir that makes Amador County such an amazing place to taste and be


What Does Ard Aven Mean?

Ard Aven comes from our Matriarch, Meggie Reuter. The story goes that her mother's grandfather and his family lived in Ireland. Times were hard for the family. In order to keep moral he named the family home Ard Aven, which translates to high heaven in Galic. He wanted his family to know that although they didn’t have much, they had all they needed in each other and their home. We feel the same way today. Although we are small, we have all we need and we look forward to sharing it with you.